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  • Barbara V Adams M.

Your ultimate list of Berlin Christmas markets 2021

Important! Remember that due to COVID-19 this post/list is subject to change. Make sure to check that the market you want to go to hasn't been reschedule or cancelled.

Brief History of Christmas markets

Christmas market or Weihnachtsmarkt, is a street market associated with the celebration of Christmas during the four weeks of Advent, and for this reason, Christmas markets start by the end of November and finish right after Christmas.

These markets originated in Germany, but are now held in many other countries. Christmas markets date back to the late middle ages in German-speaking part of Europe. What was first called winter markets eventually became known as Christmas Markets—the earliest of which are claimed to be in Germany: Munich in around 1310, Bautzen in 1384, and Frankfurt in 1393 but Dresden's Striezelmarkt was first held in 1434 and is considered the first true Christmas market.

There are over 80 Christmas markets in various parts of Berlin, where craftspeople demonstrate their skills and sell their wares along with many other Christmas gifts and fairground attractions.

Unfortunately, this year, not all Christmas markets will be allow to open, but some of them will. So, here's the ultimate list of all the Christmas markets you can go to this year!

List of Berlin Christmas markets 2021

We have created a printable and digital list, that way you can choose your favourite way to use it.

You can download and print this list here.

Download PDF • 1.21MB

We'll try our best to update the list as the days go by and when and if some markets are postpone or cancelled. The digital version of this list can be accessed here. It's a notion template with 3 different lists, a clickable one, an easy table to read and a table with all the cancelled markets of this year.

We recommend to use both lists, since the digital one has all opening hours included.


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