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  • Barbara V Adams M.

Mid-October weekend activities

- October 15 -

Already mid-October! Here are some shows that you cannot miss this weekend and activities that you can save up for later! If you go to Paint your style to do any ceramic, tag us in your masterpiece on our Instagram!

1. Lighthouse of Digital Art

Taking place at RAW, the Lighthouse of Digital Art features a room of color and light, dancing to the tune of spherical soundscapes. Make yourself comfortable on beanbags and deck chairs while streaks of color and geometric shapes flow, spin and hop over walls in a 360 degree experience around you.

2. Vinokilo + Pflanzen für alle

Source: VinoKilo

This weekend, secondhand store Vinokilo has teamed up with Pflanzen für alle for a fashion-meets-horticulture blowout, with plants on sale for just €2, €5 or €10. 

We love them both and can’t wait to share a Moment there!

3. Liar show - Breathtaking circus & comedy

Source: LIAR company

LIAR is an extraordinary theatre production consisting of physical theatre, movement, acrobatics, special effects, live music - and above all, lots of humor.

You can enjoy the show this weekend and the next, so make sure to get tickets on time!

4. Truth and Lies! A Comedy show!

Source: Truth and Lies! A Comedy Game Show

Audience members interrogate witty comedians to reveal fact from fiction at Truth and Lies! Can these stand-ups convince you they're telling the truth?

Entry is free, and happy hour is until 21:00; be sure to arrive on time to secure your seat!

5. Ceramics @ Paint your Style

Choose a ceramic piece, paint it to your heart's content, and leave it to the pros at Paint your Style to be glazed and fired at over 1,000° over 1-3 days before being ready for pickup.

With multiple locations across Berlin, this is a fun and easy way to get your creative juices flowing!


You can download our app to find someone to do all these activities with and follow us on Instagram for our weekly posts and more!


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