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November activities 2nd edition

Second week of November

Hello friends! Are you excited to have some fun this weekend? Here's a mix of things you can enjoy this weekend, next week, or in the coming months! So save this post for later and read up!

1.Corona Culture

Source: Annette Riedl

Corona Culture – What the fuck is happening?! This exhibition located in Alte Münze includes works by over 100 artists from around the world in a mix of video, photography, 3D design, sound works, performance, sculptures, and site-specific installations.

It opens daily from 12-20hr and tickets are 11€. You have time until Nov 13th to see it!

Corona Culture Daily from 12-20h • Alte Münze • Molkenmarkt 2 10179 Berlin • 3G space • More info

2. Italian Film Festival Berlin

From Nov 10th-14th the Italian Film Festival Berlin will take place for the eighth time in Kulturbrauerei. You can enjoy a variety of Italian films from the last season. Some of these movies will be presented by the directors and will have an FAQ after the movie.

The program and tickets (€9) are available on their website.

Italian Film festival • Friday Nov 12th 2021, 18h and 20h. Saturday Nov 13th 2021 15h, 17h and 20hr. Sunday Nov 14th 2021 from 17:30h • KulturBrauerei • Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin • 3G space • More info

3.Berlin Unterwelten

Source: Lena Ganssmann

For more than 20 years, the Berlin underworlds association has researched underground historical buildings and made them accessible to the public in the form of guided tours. The tours in these tunnels and bunkers are not only super educational but also give a different perspective of Berlin.

One of our favorite tours is "Tour M – Under the Berlin Wall" where you can learn about the history of the Berlin wall and see the tunnels that people used to escape from East Berlin. Tours start from €14,50 in different languages and you can book them on their website. (not available on site)

Berlin Unterwelten • Friday Nov 12th 2021 - Sunday Nov 14th 2021, time depends on the tour and language you choose. • Gesundbrunnen Station • Brunnenstraße 105, Berlin • 3G space • More info

4. Vorglüh-Markt

Source: Dagmar Schwelle/

Holzmarkt has you covered if you are excited for some food, hot and cold drinks, and a colorful potpourri of small stalls where you can buy handmade articles.

There’s also a DJ that keeps a vibrant vibe so you can enjoy the view that Holzmarkt has to offer. Admission to the site is of course free of charge as usual!

Vorglüh-Markt • Friday, Nov 12th 2021 - Sunday, Nov 14th 2021: 14h - 23:45h • Holzmarkt • Holzmarktstrasse 25, 10243 Berlin • 3G space • More info

5. Winterzauber - Magical Christmas with Fairground

Source:Roman Babakin/ Getty images

What’s better than a Christmas market?... One that has rides in it! This Christmas fair has lots to offer, from delicious food and drinks to amazing rides and colorful stalls. Times vary between 14h-23h and admission is for free!

You can find someone to go with using Moment! Download our app from our homepage.

Winterzauber - Magical Christmas with Fairground • Friday, Nov 12th 2021 - Sunday, Nov 14th 2021: Monday to Thursday 2pm - 9.30pm, Friday and Saturday 1pm - 11pm, Sunday 12pm - 9pm, Wednesday family day with half-price on the rides. • Landsberger Allee 364
10365 Berlin • 3G space • More info


You can download our app to find someone to do all these activities with and follow us on Instagram for our weekly posts and more!


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