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December is here and so are more activities!

- December 3 -

December is here and so is the snow! With this post we want to recommend some activities that might make you forget a bit about the darkness and gloominess! Make sure you book for all in advance and go since these activities will end soon!

1. Orbital - Space travel in FEZ

Source: Orbital FEZ/ Michael Lindner

From 4th until 19th Dec, take a breathtaking flight across the universe, experience how astronauts train before going on a mission, learn what life is like onboard the International Space Station and you will also learn about other planets and our solar system.

Tickets cost €6.50 online, and only 10 participants are allowed for each event.

Orbital - Space travel in FEZ • Entrance: 6,50 • FEZ • Str. zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin • 2G space • More info

2. Love around the world

Source: @fhochdrei

In Love Around the World, people from all over the world give fascinating, intimate glimpses into their lives and show what relationships mean to people in different cultures.

The collection turns some of our ideas about love on their head while expanding our view of life in other parts of the world. The exhibition starts on Dec 4 and tickets cost €5.

f³ – freiraum für fotografie • Wednesday – Sunday 13:00 – 19:00 • €5 • Waldemarstraße 17 10179 Berlin • 2G space • More info

3. Christmas Markets

Source: @Baiibaa

Some Christmas markets open for just a couple of days or even hours. On the 4th and 5th of Dec the following markets - Kunsthandwerklicher Weihnachtsmarkt Frohnau, Norwegian Christmas Market, Rudower Weihnachtsmeile - will open their doors. Use our list to mark the ones you visit and to find more.

Check out Christmas market list, where you can see where, when and how much!

4. Kiez-Kunst-Markt

Source: @baiibaa

Do you want to spend an afternoon filled with arts and crafts? If so, you should go to Prinzessinnengarten this Saturday, where you’ll find a wide range of handcrafts and interactive workshops on beeswax candles, tea blends, DIY fanzine, T-shirts printing and more! There'll also be food and drinks. Please note that this event is 2G+.

Kiez-Kunst-Markt • Sunday Dec 05 20:00 • Entrance: Free • Prinzessinnengarten • Hermannstraße 99-105 • 2G space (Must present certificate in digital form)

5. Grünauer Jazz Bühne #1

Source: Ostverein Grünau e.V.

This cold weather is perfect for some Jazzy nights! This Sunday and Monday Jocelyn B. Smith will be performing at Friedenskirche Grünau. The singer, born in New York in 1960, has lived in Berlin since 1985 and has become one of the city's formative artists.

Entry is for free and it starts at 18:00. The concert will apply to 2G rules.

Friedenskirche - Ev. Kirchengemeinde Bohnsdorf-Grünau • Sunday Dec 05 18:00h • Entrance: Free • Eibseestraße 12527 Berlin • 2G space (Must present certificate in digital form) • More info


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