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  • Do I have to pay to use the App?
    Downloading and using Moment is completely free! You can create a profile, search, join moments and create them without worrying to be charge.
  • How can I create a Moment?
    To create a Moment of your own follow these steps: 1. Open you app and press the Plus button in the middel of your navagation bar. 2. Follow the instruction, adding name, description and other specifications. 3. Once your Moment is created, check that everything is correct and make it public! There it is! your Moment is public and waiting for someone to join!
  • I can't find my Moment
    If you can't find your Moment in the list view it can be that it is still not public. To find it: 1. Go to your profile on the section that says "Moments I've created". 2. Click on the Moment you want. 3. On the top right corner there is a closed eye, tap on it to make public. Now you should be able to find your Moment in the list view!
  • Can I organize a Moment privately with my own friends?
    Yes! You can create a Moment and share it with your friends while it is still private. That way you can organize your favorite activities with your friends. Is someone missing from your group of friends? No problem! Make it public and find the missing link to complete your group activity!
  • Where does Moment work?
    Currently, Moment will be operating in Berlin. Nevertherless, we are working to bring it to other major cities! Stay tuned! :)

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